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Whole House Clean Outs-Dear Junk

In most cases, it is not the price you set or how the property was put on the market that will determine the success of a property sales transaction. How you manage the space and keep it clean will make a big difference. Many property sellers will concentrate on cleaning the entire house before selling it or before trying to sell it and introduce it to any potential buyer who may regret the decision just because of how junk and trash may have accumulated over the years. The team at Dear Junk will help you resolve this problem and handle all details. We can also explain how to focus more on this task if it is important to maximize your investment and time so you can have our team work with the whole house clean out without affecting you but only benefit you.

The majority of Florida residents have trouble with their entire homes. You, the buyer, will most likely need to clean the house out if you decide to get it even when the first time you probably saw it, it was all clean. Some sellers don’t spend the time to clear the property of junk after they have actually sold it or are close to it. Despite your best efforts to believe otherwise, they might have left items behind when they first showed the property to you or for the last time after you made the decision.

Our team will assist you in closing deals with potential buyers. We can also help you dispose of junk and other items if you are the buyer or maybe you are just someone dealing with a whole house that has been put on the market. We don’t care about how the deal ends or what it is in specific. We are here to help with junk and lost items and any other issues that may arise after a property is sold or given to a new owner.

Many owners see their homes as a place where they can store junk and other items. This is why many have entire houses filled with them. They need to get rid of a lot of junk before they can sell the property.

This information is important to wholesalers as it could affect the outcome of your property sales. Also, you want to make sure that the property is in its best condition.

Is a Whole House Clean Out Needed?

Absolutely, but this is as long as you have us dealing with the full removal and clean out. We need to make it clear that all this cleaning is not about tossing everything in the dumpster or placing them in your yard. 

It’s not about finding the best disposal or transition center. Recycling centers should only be used for materials that are still usable and that conform to their standards. It is our job to ensure everything is organized and in its proper place.

All of the heavy lifting, debris, and other junk that has built up in your home will need to be taken care of. It doesn’t matter if you have cleaned out a few areas, but it is questionable if the entire area wasn’t properly cleaned up.

Our team will be there to meet your every need, and we will handle all paperwork, so you don’t have to worry. All of these tasks are handled by our team:

  • We will inspect your house and evaluate its condition to determine the amount of work needed.
  • Bring all your equipment and trucks; we’ll have enough people to load and unload the truck.
  • If you don’t want to throw away any junk, we will clean it up.
  • We will transport junk and other items to recycling and transition centers as needed. We’ll make recommendations based on our findings.

The property will be ready to be sold once we have finished. You can think of us as part of a team that handles all of the cleaning and the service related to how we dispose of junk and dust and the removal of your property.

We can also pick up any junk or trash you have and place it in a corner for someone to take and dispose of.

Our team will go to your location and begin organizing everything you have. We will then move all the junk to our truck and sort it out so that we can recycle or take it to the right place.

We need to know what special considerations you have for certain items or during cleaning so that our team can monitor this.

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