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FAQ-Dear Junk

It isn’t as easy as it looks to remove junk or dispose of it when you notice that, unlike what you thought all this time, you can’t just rely on your municipal service for everything nor work around leaving the junk in different areas without second thoughts. We are sure you will find this out after you have done a few removals for your property. Our customers have many questions that they need answers to, and we want to make sure that before you ask more about junk removal, you have this in mind: Dear Junk helps you with everything.

We love answering your questions at our company. We want you to be confident in the services we offer, and we are happy to answer your questions and help you understand what service you require, no matter what it is.

To help you keep up with your needs, take a look at some frequently asked questions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or provide clarification if necessary, besides the ones below as long as you take the first step of contacting us:

What Does Junk Removal and Trash Hauling Involve as Services?

We can pick up all junk, furniture, and other items you want to dispose of or can be recycled. We can also load your dumpsters or trucks and handle the heavy lifting regardless of the specific service you request. 

We are one of the few local businesses that care about the environment. We offer over 60 services to help you get rid of everything unwanted or move any type of waste. We offer junk removal and trash hauling. This includes all aspects of removing garbage or unwanted waste, and we assure you that all items, as long as they are non-hazardous, can be removed by our team.

Our team can be reached by email or phone. We will schedule an appointment to inspect the property or space and determine how many items or how much junk needs to be removed. This will enable us to estimate how much we need to remove and take to recycling centers while also knowing the trucks and members we must assign for the service. Before you hire this service, it is best to have us come to your home and inspect the items.

This assessment is free and non-binding. You can contact us if you are ready to schedule or hire our team as well. You don't need to call us because we have provided you with a quote whatsoever since this is non-obligatory, and rest assured that we will be there for you if you use our contact form instead.

100% recycling is something we support. This means that all junk items are sent to recycling facilities. We take all waste and materials to facilities that can sort and recycle them. As part of our principles and foundations, we are committed to eco-friendliness, but if we cannot recycle everything, we take the junk to transition centers and make sure the disposal removes and prevents as much waste as possible.

It all depends on the service you require. If you have booked our services, we will resolve all your junk removal needs and issues. Sometimes we can schedule same-day pickups. This all depends on our availability, but we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Absolutely. We will deliver your dumpster in no time and come back to pick it up once you have used it or need our team to dispose of the junk and come back with it again.

Dear Junk accepts many payment methods: cash, check, debit, credit cards, and transfers. This is so that it's easier for you to pay for the services and makes it more comfortable for you and even us.

Because hazardous materials must be properly disposed of, they cannot be handled by our team. This includes solvents, oil tanks, chemicals, and any other substances that could cause harm to workers and the environment.

We only accept non-hazardous substances and require that if you have some hazardous ones, they should be disposed of by licensed professionals.

Dear Junk is the top company in Florida that offers the best residential and commercial junk removal services. Here’s our additional services: